Kool Ade Kam: Comic Artist / Rapper Talks about Michigan and Creating Stories

February 12, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich Ep 75: Kool Ade Kam from Kam Komics talks about Rapping, Music, Comics, being an artist, college, and how Ann Arbor Michigan plays a role in his stories
Comics http://www.kamkomics.com/
Music: https://kamkomics.bandcamp.com/

Brad's stream: https://mixer.com/ThirdhandBee14

In Website version with links to video and audio downloads: http://www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/75


Try Bean Talks about Business Networking and Motivation

February 5, 2018

Terry Bean talks about his time speaking and networking in Detroit and promoting a verity of things including tutorials, charities, and general sense of tips and tricks.
Terry's website http://trybean.com/
Ignite Cast https://www.ignitecast.com/
Terry's podcast http://www.businessgrowthtime.com/
Motor City Connect http://motorcityconnect.com/

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Author Interview of PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog

January 29, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 73 with Joaquin Juatai Author of PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog
Website: http://ptsdog.co/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Caffeinucus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PTSDog/

For Audio Download and Video version of this Episode go to https://MediaLitterSandwich.com/73


Adventure Tips From Adventure Photographer Artist

January 23, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich 72 Samantha Wimer (Sam) from http://www.Artworkofsam.com She talks about her adventures travling crosscountry alone and going to over 30 national parks. Tips about taking pictures while hiking and travling crazy roads like Caynonlands.

Youtube and podcastversions at http://www.medialittersandwich.com/72


What Celebrities We Want Apologies From

January 16, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 71: Who do we want to interview? What celebrities we want apologies from.

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From Specs Howard to Producer for MTV and other Clients

January 8, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich Episoide 70 We speak with Fank Cosgriff who is a freelance video producer. He has worked for Youtubers Smosh, MTV, and currently works for a magazine group. Fank Cosgriff's website http://frankcosgriff.com/  

Website with video and downloadable audio www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/70


Brooklyn Brawler and 9 Planets Selling at Tradeshows

January 1, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 69.  Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) and Ben from 9 Planets talk to us at Taylor Comic Con in Taylor Michigan recorded in December 2017

Ben/ 9 Planets  https://www.facebook.com/homeof9/

For both youtube links and audio podcast links go to https://www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/69


Flash Fiction and Being your Own Publisher with Dave Kilgor

December 27, 2017

Media Litter Sandwich 68 with Dave Kilgore http://davekilgore.com/ Author, actor, composer, teacher, and I can't say enough things about him

Our web site with links to audio and video podcasts www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/68


Organizing Comic cons to Art from Gapo The Clown Creator Tony Miello

December 19, 2017

Tony Miello is a comic book artist who has done work for Marvel, DC, and of course: himself. Gapo the Clown creator talking about his time organizing conventions and working tradeshows
Tony Miello: https://www.facebook.com/artoftonymiello/

For video version go to the website www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/67


Podible CEO Sheldon Smickley on Media Litter Sandwich

December 11, 2017

Podible is a Podcast app and website that is focused on community. Sheldon Smickly is the Founder and CEO https://podible.co/ 

Video and audio download at https://www.MediaLittersandwich.com/66