The Amazing Cynicalman Give Advice to Artists

July 11, 2018

on Media Litter Sandwich episode 96 we talk to Matt Feazell the author of The Amazing Cynicalman about making a movie based off of his comic. Also Stick figure comics compared to a very detailed comic: Crusader Cross

The Amazing Cynicalman
Crusader Cross:

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Charles D. Moisant Media Litter Sandwich 95

July 2, 2018

At the DownRiver Comic Con with Charles D. Moisant the Creative Director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment talk about many comics, table top games, and so much more
Silver Phoenix:
Crusader Cross:

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Philo Barnhart Talks about The Little Mermaid, Secret of Nimh and more

June 25, 2018

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At the DownRiver Comic we had the pleasure of speaking to Philo Barnhart on Episode 94. We talk about his work on Little Mermaid, The Secret of Nimh, Black Cauldron, Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the beast, Super Friends, and more. See more from Silver Phoenix


Three Y’s Men Media Talk Comics, Kickstarters, and Podcasting

June 18, 2018

At the Downriver Comic Convention we interviewed 3 Y's Men Media about Comics, Kickstarters, podcasting, youtube, and more. Media Litter Sandwich episode 93 (ep 93 with 3 ys men)
3 Y's Men Media:
Downriver Comic Con:

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Reminder: Media Litter Sandwich ep 100, see it in person:


Troma Film Festival in Detroit: TromaDance

June 11, 2018

TromaDance Detroit is here again. We have Terence from is telling us all about it. Terence is also a local filmmaker. TromaDance Detroit is all about indy filmmakers that embody the Troma Spirit

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Handicapped Veteran Running Internet Radio Station and Podcast Network

June 5, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich EP 91 We talk with Bo Nur Wood from DV Radio

Bo Nur Wood is a handicapped veteran that runs an internet radio station and hosts Barracks Talk


Creating a Gaming Universe with Templar Games

May 28, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 90 has Veteran owned Templar Games owner/ author Brian Hudson

Detroit located Templar Games has old school RPG, table top games, and novels.

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NAB, Professional Conventions, and Microphone Comparisons

May 21, 2018

Friend of the show Jason Paluchniak visited NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention this year (2018) We watch several clips from NAB and talk about microphone comparisons, professional conventions, and much more

Jason Paluchniak:
Podcast classes/ mic comparison video:

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Mark Reads, Reacts, Does Stuff on Media Litter Sandwich

May 14, 2018

Mark Oshiro is an author, blogger, and a social media star known for reacting to books and tv. Media Litter Sandwich episode 88 was filmed at Penguicon 2018.
Mark Does Stuff:

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Freelancing Weddings and Funerals at LTU Anime Con

May 7, 2018

Topics include freelance opportunities with general Q/A from the audience about being on youtube/podcasting. It was the best of times and the worst of times for Media Litter Litter sandwich episode 87. We were recording at the LTU Anime Con and Gaming expo 2018 with an audience in Lawrence Technological University. We were also out of focus.

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