Media Litter Sandwich Connecting Artists and Cosplayers

March 19, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich Episode 80 we are at Adrian Comic Con 2018 talking to Artist Ryan Cairns and Scott Rosema and even a cosplayer
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Scott Rosema
cosplayer's youtube

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Interviews with Space Ghost Artist, Jedi Council, and Deadpool at Adrian Comic Con

March 12, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich 79 sponsored by the Jedi Council of Michigan (and America) Interviews with Your Comic Con .com, Jedi Council of America, Scott Rosema, and a Deadpool
Jedi council:
Scott Rosema:

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Media Litter Sandwich on Data Storage

March 7, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich episode 78 we talk with photographer Jason Paluchniak about data storage. On site/ off site data storage and even security for hard drives
Jason Paluchniak
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Engineer Behind Promotion Tools Used by Disney Explains How To Promote Online

February 26, 2018

Stephen Sadler Is an Author Digital Entrepreneur that credits himself mostly as an Engineer. He worked on programs used to promote movies for Disney, Awesomness TV and other production groups. In Media Litter Sandwich ep 77 Stephen explains the theory of how to be popular / promoted on the internet, google, youtube, facebook. His newest company is GoFreq

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Media Litter Sandwich with Twiztid and Kevin Nash

February 19, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 76 with Twiztid and Kevin Nash
Interviews from Astronomicon Rap group / Juggalos Twizted and Wrestler / actor Kevin Nash. Plus a shout out from Dysfunctional Veterans Radio DV Radio
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Dave Herndon:
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Kool Ade Kam: Comic Artist / Rapper Talks about Michigan and Creating Stories

February 12, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich Ep 75: Kool Ade Kam from Kam Komics talks about Rapping, Music, Comics, being an artist, college, and how Ann Arbor Michigan plays a role in his stories

Brad's stream:

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Try Bean Talks about Business Networking and Motivation

February 5, 2018

Terry Bean talks about his time speaking and networking in Detroit and promoting a verity of things including tutorials, charities, and general sense of tips and tricks.
Terry's website
Ignite Cast
Terry's podcast
Motor City Connect

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Author Interview of PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog

January 29, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 73 with Joaquin Juatai Author of PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog

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Adventure Tips From Adventure Photographer Artist

January 23, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich 72 Samantha Wimer (Sam) from She talks about her adventures travling crosscountry alone and going to over 30 national parks. Tips about taking pictures while hiking and travling crazy roads like Caynonlands.

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What Celebrities We Want Apologies From

January 16, 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 71: Who do we want to interview? What celebrities we want apologies from.

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